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Why use Blended Learning

With blended learning, I am able to work with a smaller number of students at a time. This makes it easier for me to give each student individual attention and focus on their unique needs.

Teacher from Los Angeles

We have seen so much growth in our students. Blended learning and the use of data has become an integral part of our school for both our teachers and students.

Principal from Philadelphia

Because of blended learning, students who were generally not interested in school or motivated to learn in the past are suddenly excited and ready for a new academic adventure everyday.

Teacher from Cincinnati

Student Proficiency


Student Proficiency

94% of partner schools improved student proficiency with the help of blended learning.

Enrollment Growth


Enrollment Growth

Enrollment increased by over 500+ students across Seton Blended Learning partner schools.

Happy Principals


Happy Principals

100% of Seton partner school principals are happy with their decision to use blended learning.

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